Each project team includes our client, the end users, designers, engineers, consultants, material suppliers and representatives from every trade. FLINT pulls these resources to the front of the project, during design, when key decisions are made. The owner benefits from the collective experience of the team and the resulting efficiency of a fully transparent and collaborative environment.


A Better Building…A Better Building Experience!

Our Story

FLINT focuses on the design-build and design-assist delivery methods, producing the highest quality of projects and yielding the greatest value to our clients. Our employees and industry partners are truly some of the best people you will ever work with. FLINT is built on values, ethics, quality design, and exceptional construction. Our “master builder” approach to design and construction is the hallmark of our firm. FLINT is honored to be selected as the General Contractor of the Year by the Associated Subcontractors Alliance of Sacramento for the five consecutive years. We are very grateful for the continued patronage of our clients and the opportunity to build projects of excellence with our friends.

Our Purpose

FLINT BELIEVES IN AN EXTRAORDINARY BUILDING EXPERIENCE that includes collaboration, teamwork, transparency, pre-planning, innovation, accountability and FUN to achieve a successful project!

How? Employ the right people and the best practices.

Right People

The right people are trustworthy and reliable, use open and honest communication, they are humble, innovative, passionate and fun.  At FLINT we employ only the best people that hold these deep-seated core values. We continuously develop these values through lessons in teamwork, leadership, communication and emotional intelligence.

Best Practices

It takes discipline, focus and continual investment in leading edge technology to maintain the best practices that support successful projects:  preconstruction, pre-planning, scheduling, quality control, safety, lean construction, coordination, BIM modeling, modular design and manufacturing, design management, and document control are core FLINT processes.

By measuring performance we pursue continuous improvement of each process. These measurements are available to the entire team and occur daily, weekly and monthly throughout the duration of a project:  daily inspection reports, material verification, mockups, real-time job cost accounting, weekly schedule updates, monthly owner surveys and weekly planned performance scores. “Measure, Adjust, Improve”….it is our secret formula to maintaining the best construction practices in the industry!

The single most important decision you can make to affect the success of your next project is the selection of a Team. The best team members are trustworthy and reliable. The best team members are pre-planners that take ownership of issues and collaborate with other team members. The best team members are innovative and have a positive influence on one another and everyone they encounter. The best team members are humble, passionate and fun. The best team members are in continuous pursuit of excellence and improvement. The best team member is FLINT.