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FLINT’s existence and reputation rests on the shoulders of our consultant and subcontractor partners. We are committed to preplanning, being supportive and respectful, making timely payments, developing a quality design, and working with our partners to develop a reliable and realistic schedule. Most importantly, we work hard to maintain open and honest communication.

Through FLINT’s management processes, we spend our time preplanning with our partners and then stand behind the commitments that we make. As a team, we contribute to project success, continually reaping the rewards of our combined experience.

FLINT has high standards for ourselves and our consultants and trade partners, which is how we consistently deliver high quality and efficient design and construction. Our partners are truly some of the best industry professionals you will ever work with.

"Having worked with FLINT on many projects over the years, I can say that no matter who I work with, I can expect a great experience. Their team is always professional, responsive and very collaborative. If someone asks me to recommend a good builder, I can enthusiastically recommend FLINT.”

Bill Rader, S.E.
Senior Principal