Sherman Indian High School  |  Riverside, CA

This extensive renovation project included modernization for six dormitories with selective demolition, casework, new flooring, newly-installed wheelchair lifts, plumbing and lighting fixtures, and all new doors/frames/hardware. Additional features in the modernization included site-turf football field, baseball and tennis courts along with miscellaneous site paving and concrete, signage, and overall site lighting. The structural remediation featured concrete floors and removing and replacing all the damaged joists and new concrete throughout. The irrigation supply system was designed with repairs to the water tower and a rejuvenated well with all associated pumps and controls. For the eight service and support buildings, there was selective demo, abatement, all new flooring with an acoustical grid, plumbing and lighting fixtures, metal siding and roofing, all new mechanical and food service equipment was installed, new gymnasium seating, doors/frames/hardware with PVC, and new clay tile roofing. Extensive testing and abatement was required.

Project Value

$11 million




Bureau of Indian Affairs


Dyron Murphy Architects


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