Donata Gilliland



B.S. Business Administration, Finance,
University of Nevada Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

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Donata Gilliand_Bio

Donata is a collaborative leader who dreams big and inspires and motivates her team to achieve ambitious goals. She is passionate about the FLINT brand and customer and employee experience. Donata is always seeking ways to improve and grow FLINT while adding fun along the way. She’s got a level head, an eye for detail and is comfortable with change…something she learned as a globe-trotting military wife prior to her husband retiring from the US Air Force. She still loves traveling but has happily put down roots in California. Donata is a doting mom of two boys and can be found on any number of playing fields (baseball, soccer, football…) on the weekends.

Pet Family Members


Duke Gilliland is a 20lb British Shorthair... his chunkiness is part of his charm.